Get to know Holly Quills and Ivy

Hola! Can you believe it’s July tomorrow? I flipping can’t! How quick has June gone? I mean, I know I say this EVERY SINGLE MONTH but good lord we’re over half way to Christmas again?? Anyway, the last day of the month is always a special day here on – it’s the day where you get to meet my main advertiser from the month! And today it’s Holly from the wonderful blog, Holly Quills and Ivy. I’ve really grown to love… View Post

My favourite podcasts

I’m SO into podcasts at the moment. SO SO SO into them. I’m not 100% sure what sparked this obsession but it’s a fairly recent one. I’ve even started listening to some YouTube videos whilst I’m doing stuff (rather than watching them), treating them like mini-podcasts. It’s becoming a real obsession… Because I have a new found love of podcasts, I thought I’d take you through some of my current (and past) favourites. Some you will of heard of, some… View Post

Meet the advertisers: June

[Insert general “how is the end of the month already” comment here]. No, but seriously, it’s less than 6 months until it’s Christmas again and that’s freaking my head out a little bit. This month has been a great one and I’ve had some great bloggers gracing my sidebar as well. Today it’s time for you to get to know them in my monthly meet the advertisers post! Enjoy! Siobhan from A Handful of Sparkle My name is Siobhan, I’m 27… View Post

Rosie Bea for Eylure and Elegant Touch

Rosie Bea is one of those people where I just find myself scrolling through her Instagram just looking at her selfies because I’m low key in love with her. As much as a straight girl can be in love with another girl. But come on, have you seen how amazing her face is? And her hair? Jesus Christ. I’m not a stalker, I promise. Anyway, Rosie recently collaborated with Eylure and Elegant Touch to release her own range of false… View Post

My updated goals for 2016

At the end of 2015 I wrote a blog post where I looked back at all my blog goals and life goals from 2015, reflected on them and set new ones for 2016. A couple of days ago I noticed I was nearing 5k on Instagram and realised that was my end of 2016 goal. And it’s only June. So seeing as I was WAY off the mark with that one, I figured I’d take a look at my 2016 goals… View Post