I’m Rhianna, I’m 22 and I’m from Leeds. Here is where you can find a little bit more about me and even more about robowecop.

Why ‘robowecop’?

  • My first name is Rhianna, my middle name is Olivia and my surname is Bowe.
  • R + O + Bowe = ROBowe
  • ROBowe sounds like Robo
  • Robocop is a movie
  • Robowecop!

(I hope that made sense)

A little bit more about me personally

I am currently a Content Marketing Executive for a marketing company in Leeds. I say I love movies and yet I tend to have not seen most of them. (I still haven’t seen Robocop). I love baking, running, tea, gin, yoga and cats. I’m always poor and my main spending weaknesses are makeup, toiletries, anything from Lush, stationery, tupperware boxes and soft furnishings. I have more lipsticks than I can count. I spend most of my free time at gigs and festivals. I wish I liked coffee and red wine.

What you’ll find on robowecop.com

Robowecop is a place where I want you to come and feel like you’re talking to a friend. A place where you can say “oh my god I’m not alone I do that weird thing too”, a place where you can laugh, a place where you can relate and a place where you can find total, no-bull honesty.

Robowecop is a combination of lists, tips, musings, yummy food and self-help book worthy advice with the occasional review or tutorial thrown in for good measure. I’ve also been known to dip my toes into the fashion world, but that’s only for very special occasions.

If you want to know more about what type of blog robowecop is, find my 10 blog commandments here.

I’m always more than up for collaborations with other bloggers or with brands. Just shoot me an email at rhiannabowe@googlemail.com and we can talk about it!

You can find all necessary contact details here, all of my social media links are on my sidebar, you can find my full blog disclaimer here and my most up-to-date blog statistics here.

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I think that’s everything… Enjoy!

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