Robowecop.com is my own, personal blog.

The images I post are completely my own unless otherwise stated (in which case, they will be royalty free or I will have received permission from the copyright holder). Please ask my permission if you wish to use any of my images.

As of July 2015, all gifted items and PR samples will be declared with a * and/or a short disclaimer at the end of the post. Any sponsored links in otherwise non-sponsored posts will also be marked with a *

Affiliate links are sometimes incorporated in my posts. This gives me the opportunity to make a tiny little bit of money if you decide to purchase something through one of the links. These affiliate links are not paid for links, they are from me signing up to affiliate schemes of my own accord.

I will disclose any and all sponsored posts, paid-for content, gifted items and PR samples because honesty and integrity are very important to me. I will ALWAYS give my complete and honest opinion on a product. I will only ever champion products I completely, 100% love and actually use.

If you would like to work with robowecop, you can see what I accept and any T&Cs on my sponsor page.

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